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In the face of shrinking budgets, the public sector is required to do more with less. Public Private Partnerships (P3) allow the government to tap into the private sector’s best practices as well as additional capital sources. Concourse assists the public-sector to extract unseen/hidden value from their underutilized assets, revitalize infrastructure, generate revenue, drive efficiency, and create jobs.

Concourse has been a leader in the P3 business since 2001 having executed and managed $16 Billion of P3 projects in 42 states and Puerto Rico. We serve as asset manager for 68,000 P3 housing units nationwide. Concourse professionals provide P3 transaction expertise and strategic asset management support across a wide range of P3 projects including military housing, affordable housing, office, laboratory, energy, educational, residential, medical, utility, hospitality, transportation, specialty, and mixed-use P3s.

Concourse is typically engaged to identify the optimal P3 opportunity, develop the Business Case Analysis, draft the solicitation documents, develop a list of qualified P3 development partners (concessionaires), present the P3 opportunity to the marketplace, create evaluation criteria, evaluate solicitation responses, support the concessionaire selection process, negotiate the P3 transaction, and assist with project closing. We also determine the financial reasonableness of each P3 development proposal and evaluate the technical aspects of the proposal as well as the financial offering, the development budget, the concessionaire’s financial strength, and the proposed capital structure. In short, we protect the interest of our public-sector clients throughout the P3 lifecycle.

P3 Focus Areas:

  • Asset and portfolio Management

  • Economic Modeling

  • Planning

  • Financial Analysis

  • Business Case Analysis

  • Solicitation Documents

  • Proposal Evaluation Review

  • Life-cycle Cost Analysis

  • Value-for Money Analysis

  • Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis

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