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Concourse is an SEC and MSRB registered municipal advisor with a focus on P3 projects. Concourse and its staff have overseen over $16 billion of financing for P3 projects nationwide. As a P3 financial advisor, Concourse assists with a wide range of services to support P3 projects financed from a range of sources such as issuance of bonds, tax credits, conventional bank loans, grants, and other creative financing sources.

Concourse typically provides an analysis of current capital market conditions, identifies P3 projects that will be well received by the capital markets and makes recommendations on all aspects of financing. Concourse develops financial models for P3 developments that include revenue estimates, development budgets, sources & uses of funds, annual cash flows, and possible debt structures.

Finance Focus Areas:

  • Selection of financing team/lender

  • Maturity structures

  • Redemption provisions

  • Debt service reserve requirements

  • Ratings Analysis

  • Bond pricing

  • Evaluation of underwriter performance

  • Revenue estimates

  • Development budgets

  • Sources & uses of funds

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