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Concourse provides planning support and master plan implementation. Concourse is assisting MIT Lincoln Laboratory (MIT LL) in completing a facility Master Plan to create a more detailed vision for the physical future of the 2.2 million square foot MIT Lincoln Laboratory; and identify and shape a long-term, executable real estate and facility vision for the MIT Lincoln Laboratory campus.

Concourse planners are currently providing master planning analysis for the housing portfolio at 38 US Army installations nationwide as well as select locations in Europe and Korea. This effort includes the develop of Independent Housing Review Analysis (IHRA) reports complete with Life Cycle Economic Analysis; housing condition assessments; analysis of all data bases for anomalies; and, analysis of local facilities by types and conditions.

Planning Focus Areas:

  • Installation and Campus Planning

  • Facility Planning

  • Master Plan Implementation

  • Housing Requirements Analysis

  • Inventory and condition Analysis

  • Facility life expectancies and replacement schedules

  • Course of Action Reports

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