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Real Estate

To support their expanding mission, the FBI leases space from private sector landlords.  Such leases have to comply with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) scorekeeping rules. For the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),  this means that every lease action, prior to execution, must be evaluated against predefined OMB budget scoring criteria to determine whether it should be treated as either an Operating Lease (annual operating expense) or Capital Lease (capital acquisition), for budget scorekeeping purposes. Capital Leases are funded up front, while Operating Leases are funded over the life of the lease. The determination of whether a lease is a Capital Lease, Lease-Purchase, or Operating Lease has significant impact on the FBI’s annual budget.  In some cases, the lease determination process could delay or hinder execution of a proposed lease action. To avoid delays, Concourse created a step-by-step manual to determine if a lease meets the nine criteria within the current OMB Scoring Circular to be considered as an Operating Lease.

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