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Portfolio Management

The Army Housing Division of OACSIM is responsible for policy, prioritization, resourcing and oversight of Housing programs and services supporting Soldiers and their Families worldwide. Key focus areas include Family, and Unaccompanied Housing, and Community Housing advocacy. Under a three-year portfolio management contract, Concourse supports The Army Housing Division with a wide range of real estate, economic, finance, and technical support. Concourse provides assessments and analysis of new, renovated and existing housing stock. Our work includes creating Master Plans and Strategic Plans for Accompanied and Unaccompanied Army Housing, developing Independent Housing Review Analyses (IHRA), and creating Life Cycle Cost Analyses. We review data and evaluate the inventory excess or shortfall of Army housing and develop reports that include, recapitalization plans, and sustainment and modernization plans. During this process, Concourse’s economists identify market, economic, and demographic changes and evaluates potential consequences for Army Housing projects. We provide technical advice, review annual budgets to include management, operations, maintenance and recapitalization plans, variances from previous years, and comparison with like portfolios.

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